Why We’re So Obsessed With Capturing Images


Photographs allow us to hold the physical world into our minds. We, as humans, crave to remember certain scenes, situations, or people. Photographs capture experiences that we wish not to forget. Photography became so popular because, unlike writing and human hand-created visuals such as paintings and drawings, they are not merely interpretations of an experience. These images provide evidence of existence. Though, some photos may be angled or taken at a specific moment in which the reality of the situation is distorted, it still demonstrates certain proof or presumption of existence. In more recent times, photography became a form of entertainment. Some suggest that it helps people, who are work-driven, calm their anxiety whilst on vacation; taking photos replaces their need to work. People who are deprived of their past experiences also find photography to be a form of therapy. Photographs grant them the ability to retain their present, past, and future experiences. Furthermore, photographs became a pathway for people to experience the world without actually being physically present. On the flip side, critics can state that photography is the embodiment of people’s superiority complex and egotism. It objectifies others by turning them into images or reflections.

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