Rhyming Souls



Millions of souls, sweep this plane, we call Earth 
Most we miss, some pass us by, a handful stay closely knitted in our lives 
God made a plan for us to never be alone; He selected souls of matching tones to forever be at our sides
No matter, the distance between our mates, our stars will always align

Endless of combinations, He could created, He chose you to be with me for my sake
Thanks to God's amazing grace, I had the honor of being born into your warm, loving embrace
No one else could have given me a more welcoming, beginning that you so meticulously paved

Between us two, He knew the one, who'd take the initial breath would sacrifice more
Because He loved us with equals shares, He was in dilemma as to who, He would first send
But, because YOU loved me, you volunteered to take me into your tender care
In this lifetime and the next, I will never be able to stop giving thanks, to you, for being more father so dear

However, I know that this debt of mine will one day be repaid because the bond between our souls would never disintegrate
Whatever time or universe we're in, we will unfailingly be of the same poem
For, we are rhyming souls of eternally, intersecting fates

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