21 Days Challenge Day #1


“People do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future,”- F. Matthais Alexander

In order for change to happen, you must change your habits. This past year, I have been through multiple up and downs. I thought that I had the year all planned out, but plans never go as planned. And that’s okay. This is life. Although, I am aware that life is filled with surprises, my controlling nature sabotages me. I am learning to let go and leave my faith up to God. I cannot plan my future anymore, but I can live freely, be grateful for the things I have, and change my habits. People are defined by their habits. Instead, of trying to control what I cannot, let me prepare myself for a future I wish to be in.

Unlike my usual self, this time I do not have everything planned and written out. My goal for now is to be more productive and to do something new everyday. The first few things that popped up in my head just now are:

  1. Wake up by 4:30am (Today, i woke up at 8am. Tomorrow, I shall do better.)
  2. Work and make more progress on my projects
  3. Reorganize my room

All of these things seem simple enough, but the little things in life are what we ignore the most. But just because habits are difficult to change, it doesn’t mean that they are not doable.

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