21 Days Challenge Day 2


So, I missed posting yesterday because I was upset at myself for waking up later than I wanted. I woke up around 10am, later than the previous day. On the bright side, I made progress in some little things such as cleaning up my environment, and working on my project. I finally, started listening to this audio book that I purchased about 2 weeks ago and wow; your energy and mindset really does attract similar waves. So the book is, “5 Seconds Rule: Transform your life”, by Mel Robbins. I haven’t completed it yet, but I have already started practicing it and I can see why it works well. It’s a little funny because the concepts in the book, are actually things that I have been pondering upon lately and does loosely. I guess it’s the universe way of supporting and encouraging me to keep going on this path. I’m not going to lie, changing habits is hard. However, it’s even harder to not progress, to be in the same place you were last year.

Every year, I go back to visit my school, just to stand in one spot. It’s become a ritual for the past couple of years. I guess I started doing this before I even graduated. The point of this is to see progress. Once a friend asked me what I was doing. I replied, “Isn’t life crazy. This very spot I’m standing in, next year I will be standing here again, but everything will look different. Perhaps, physical wise the surrounding environment will look similar if not the same, but mental wise the world will look drastically different.” The thing about human beings is that we don’t see what actually is, but what our minds interpret. Every year my mindset and perspective of the world changes. Every time I return to that particular spot, I feel different, thus influencing the way I view my surroundings. How amazingly, crazy is that?

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