21 Days Challenge Days 5&6


I’ve always wanted to compete in a fitness competition. Now I’m putting my goals and aspirations into actions. Finally started training and eating according to my body’s needs. My trainer has everything perfectly written out. Now, most people would probably say that, to compete you don’t have to spend $$$ on trainers; you can do your own research. But, for someone like myself, certainty and precision is a must. I’ve been working out for around 2 years now, but I was never able to get the muscle mass that I needed. I know for a fact that, I could do my best to figure out the exact exercises and nutrients required to sustain my body. However, that in my opinion is less efficient. It would take multiple trials and errors. Life is too fleeting, to waste any time. As, I am only one person, I cannot possibly do everything by myself. Utilizing your resources and people around you is termed, “The Master Mind Theory”. Basically what that is, is delegating work to your team and trust worthy individuals. I use to try to do everything, by myself; now I realize, that’s incorrect. If you are a person, who cannot stand not being in control of things and situations, I would advise you to loosen your grip a little. Life is sweeter and gets easier to breathe when you stop trying to control your own life.

I know that sometimes, it’s difficult to follow through with your dreams when even the people you love are doubting you. But, if you have a high enough mental strength and attitude, just keep doing you. Just then, I told my father about my goal; he straight away told me I couldn’t do it. That hurt me because he is someone I look up to. I understand that he is trying to do and say what he thinks is best for me. On the other hand, he doesn’t quite get, how important physical competence is for me. He doesn’t understand that the world he grew up in is no longer the same.

In this moment, I can take the discouragement and abandon my goals, but instead I will hold that pain as fuel. The quality of your life, is dependent on your standards. I have already set the bar, there is no way I can turn back now. Even, if I fail I will die without regrets because I know I’ve tried.

“Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars”- Les Brown (One of my heros)

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