21 Days Challenge Days 7-21


I stopped updating because my schedule has been absolutely hectic. I honestly could’ve just deleted all my previous post on this challenge since I wasn’t exactly focus on it, but I wanted to be real with myself. Anyways here we go. Within the time span that I have not blogged, I’ve gotten myself a part time job as a magazine writer, editor, and marketer. Haha, yes a lot at once. Crazy how life is, isn’t it. Although, I shouldn’t be picky about temporary jobs, I am. I can’t help that about myself and I’m so very grateful that, that’s a part of my personality. Things that I wanted to do, literally came TO ME. The gifts that constant self improvement and absolute faith can bring are beyond words. I follow my heart instead of my brain because I believe that the heart is where courage lies. I use to follow solely my brain, and the results weren’t bad, but I wasn’t happy. I was in constant states of worry and fear. I over thought and was easily overwhelmed. One day I just got tired of it. I got tired of living in an internal prison. Enough was enough. So, I said fuck it and started doing things that I find of value and beauty. Oh, how my life has drastically changed. I started becoming the person I envisioned myself to be after I let go and surrendered myself.

Okay, I’m not going to lie; the waking up at 4am thing is still extremely difficult for me to accomplish. Hence, I decided to pull an all nighter. That would’ve worked, except I had so much work to do and errands to run the next day that I ended up pulling two. I knocked out and woke up even later than my usual time. But, like the quote says, failure is never the end. Actually it’s not failure if you’ve learned from it. I will continuously take attempts toward my goals until I’ve reach them.

My fitness goals has really come to show. This is almost my 4th week on personal training. I definitely see more muscle mass and overall tone-ness. Hiring a coach is probably one of the best decisions I made. I went to a wbff (world of fashion and fitness) show and I was so very taken by the amazing individuals that stepped on stage. When the host announced the “pros”, I swore I teared up from excitement and happiness. Silly, since it wasn’t I, who was up there. However, it inspired me ever more to work hard and be persistent because I WILL be on that stage next year.

This challenge was fun. It wasn’t the ideal for me, but this only means that the next time I do something like this I will be more wise.

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