Law of Attraction- Why People Come, Go, and Stay in Our Lives

Don’t you have that one dear friend, whom you’ve known of for the longest time, but never got close to until a much later date? Ever wonder why someone you’ve loved profoundly is, but a ghost of the past? Well, here’s a thought.

Human beings and all things visible are perceivable by the human eye, due to the reflection of light. We are comparable to mirrors. With that being said, everything and everyone in our lives are reflections of us. Take a moment to think about the people in your life, and realize that there is a facet of you in all those individuals. Permanent residences of our presence are souls that hold a strong resemblance to our essence. A person’s personality and emotional matrix is in a constant state of motion. Hence, novel encounters or guests in our world are parts of us that are surfacing. We may not notice it straight away, but there are definite shared features between the others and us. This concept applies in similar ways as to why certain characters no longer play a role on our stages. There are many times in life when we ponder upon the insane question: how is it that people who once held such precious spots in our lives are now mere memories? What a heart breaking thought. However, the truth is that their energy is no longer in flow with ours. I’m positive that we’ve all heard and said the phrase, “you’ve changed.” As our nature is consistently altering, so are our frequencies. Ergo, when people drift from our radii, it’s because they are not in tune with our rhythms. Some say that opposites attract, while others disagree; whichever one it is, soul mates are notes that harmonizes beautifully with our songs. To put all of this in blatant words, occupants of our lives are current impressions of us, and bygone personas are diminishing planes of our psyche.

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