How to Find Your Passion in Life

Most people know, not what they want, but what they don’t want. If you fall into this category, then use that to your advantage. You are not completely lost if you at least know what it is that you don’t like. If you don’t feel alive doing what you do, then you are not in the right field. However, this does not include aspects that will lead you towards your ultimate goal. If you do not know what your goal is, first ask yourself what you can do for others. How can you add value to the world? Then ask yourself what you enjoy doing, and is good at or can be potentially good at. Once, you’ve figured those questions out, think about how you can combine those things. Every single person on this planet has a story or skill that he or she can share, that’ll benefit a population of the world. Forget about money for a second because when people find you helpful, they are very willing to pay you. You may not realize that you have this thing that’s unique to you, but let me tell you a story before you forfeit.


Dr. Joe Vitale, best selling author and public speaker once had a young female student, who was in her 20’s. She was broke and didn’t think she any particular skill. She didn’t think that she had anything that she could offer to others. But, when Dr. Vitale asked her about her hobbies, something caught his attention. This girl taught herself to play the guitar in a weekend. As a music lover himself, Dr. Vitale inquired her about it. He then encouraged her to write an e-book. She was doubtful about it’s success at first because similar products already exist. However, Dr. Vitale pushed her by stating that, people are always looking for the most efficient way to accomplish their goals. If there is a faster and better way to complete a task, people will buy into it. Knowing that Dr. Vitale has achieved success in his life, the student went on to write her e-book. Within a short time span, she made over $10,000.


Everyone, including you have something to offer. Everyone knows something that someone else doesn’t. You have something to share that will solve someone else’s problem. Life isn’t about the resources, but how resourceful you can be. It’s about how creative you can get. Creativity is finding how you can utilize your available resources. Many times people say that they are not creative, but truth is, they’re lazy. Creativity requires much concentration and time. Once, you accept that fact and realize that you are 100% responsible for your own life, your life will start to change.

4 thoughts on “How to Find Your Passion in Life

  1. Nice but still doesn’t help me. I don’t know what my passion is; don’t know how to find/discover it. What if you have no particular skill or talent? Nothing I can put my finger on to say “I love that”. I work, am educated and still no desire for any big thing. I’m lonely, and want to feel like I matter and that I am making a difference. I have no dreams and want one and don’t know how to discover or come up with one. Would like some guidance/instructions on how to find your passion, how to dream…..

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    1. Hello Helen,
      Sometimes asking what your own desires are, is the issue. Ask not what you want, but what you can do to better the world. Many times people want to make a difference, but they feel like they’re not. Why? What is it that you’re not doing that you’re suppose to be? Studies shows that true happiness comes from progress, contribution, and losing oneself in service. To have passion, a person must think beyond and bigger than themselves. But, first ask yourself what your ultimate goal in life is. Just as stated in my bio, we all came into this world to do something extraordinary. That extraordinary could be as simple as making just one person happy. As for ability wise, you must have a hobby or two. Choose one that you enjoy the most and focus on it. Sometimes success comes in unexpected forms. Most people believe that they must work hard to be happy, but in reality you have to happy to work hard.
      I hope that this has helped in some way.

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      1. I do believe in having a desire or goal to improve the world, but still stuck, not sure what I can do. Perhaps I’m looking for something grand and it may be simple, I don’t know. This is all so frustrating. Thanks for your feedback.


      2. Yes, I totally understand! 🙂 I’m always trying to figure things out myself. One second I think I know what I want and the next I’m lost all over again. The best thing I’ve learned to do is to let go of perfection and just do what I enjoy and believe is right. I think that deep down we all know what we wish to do, but fear always stops us. Fear of judgement, failure, the “I told you so”, and worse of all the fear of ourselves or the amount of effort we must put in. I started to break free when I realize I didn’t care about those things. Others’ opinions isn’t our reality, our losses are our losses, and if we truly believe in something then the amount of work is worth it all. 🙂 Happy New Year.


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