I miss the days when we were young and free

When not every decision we made tied us to a leash

I remember when speaking our minds were as simple as passing breeze

But now even something as pure as love is a tease

I miss the days when we dance and sang, one with the uplifting wind

When the thoughts of romance didn’t make us cringe

But now, we don’t even know what tomorrow will bring

I miss the days when the people, who claimed their love were not here just to please a longing ear

When kisses, were nothing but blisses upon our blushing cheeks and we didn’t have to wonder where they were when we were in descend

But now, who really knows what those” lovely” folks meant

However, no matter what darkness the night brings, I believe in the twinkles, right before our eyes

I believe in the moon and stars; they will eventually illuminate our dim skies.

And when that day comes, we’ll no longer have to run

Instead we’ll be making a toast to the rising sun.


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