Flashing Light

We both had trouble in line.

Cluttered by unfortunate thoughts, we were nearly blind.

To clear our sights, we stepped out with destinations in mind.

Somehow, deviated from different paths, our stars aligned.

We met at an intersection, where the light suddenly flashed red.


Usually, we would let mere strangers pass.

However, this time we decided to stay for a little chat.

To our surprises, the conversation was much more than a mindless rant.


For a second we lost track of time, but the countdown of numbered lights brought us back.

With every blink, we knew we were closer to the end.

When the light turns back into a small white man, we can only wish that we would once again take flight.


Perhaps one day, when our paths are more than just a common point, and our time not define by some flashing light-

We can, to each other be more than a helping hand.

But, if our arrival point never same, I will still have a shoulder to lend.

Because my dear, you have become a life long friend.



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