Three Steps to Transform Your Life

The Three Main Points

Lena Kay is a transformation life coach. She was born a refugee and was an university dropout. But despite her circumstances, she was able to become a cooperate leader. However, she experienced a life crisis during her mid-twenties. She was unhappy with her job and herself. She went from the top of the chain to the bottom. During the dark period of her life she lived in a homeless shelter, survived off benefits, discovered that she had a brain tumor, and her relationship with her family were in a destitute state. She wanted to change, but didn’t know how. Until one day she stumbled upon a video on youtube, talking about how reality is created from one’s own mind. With that and her further research into religion, science, and spirituality she shifted her mindset and began living her dreams. Below is a summary of the steps she and her clients took to transform their lives.

Step 1: Focus and Attention

Focus on your vision, dreams, and goals and stick to it. Most people fail at this first step because people start shifting their attention towards the problems rather than their ideas. They’re afraid of what might go wrong, how they would get there, or someone talks them out of it. The brain will show you what you put on energy and thoughts on. Focus on problems and you will find more problems. This is not the time to get practical. Figure out your target and put a lock on it. Your ideas are powerful.

Step 2: Self Mastery

People don’t get what they want. They get what they believe. No matter how much you want something, if you don’t believe that you can do it or deserve it, you’ll never get it. You are designed to win, but society has programmed you to lose. She had a client that had arthritis; the doctor told her that it would get worse. However, Kay told her client to shift her focus on her good leg. In a matter of weeks, her client’s blood test showed that the arthritis had reverse. Your beliefs are your reality. Align your beliefs with what you want.

Step 3: Action

If you were living your dream life, would you be acting differently than you are now? The answer is most likely yes. Start living and acting that life now. Leadership is an attitude. Imagine that you’ve already got what you want and take action from that state of mind. You can create any change you wish to see. Negative thoughts and emotions weakens your body. When we feel trapped we are recycling the negative emotions that we were feeling yesterday. Most people believe that outside circumstances have to change in order for us to change. The reality is, we must change our inner being to change our outside circumstances. Negative thoughts are viruses attacking our brain. If we want social change, we must first have individual change.

The future is who you are and what you believe. Go for what is in your heart. Believe in yourself and never stop taking actions towards it.

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